Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Oh, man. It's been a rough few days. First of all, it's been difficult to even click on Mitch's columns these days, knowing that the Pistons lost. It's one thing to endure the pain of Mitch Albom's poor writing--but it's almost too much to withstand it while dealing the the depression of the Pistons' failure. As always, Mitch's columns have provided no insight into what happened--instead he just measures the team's collective state of mind using his his own imagination and nothing else. Fucking retard. I can't even deal with it. What's worse, is that I have to deal with knowing that the Stones lost while also being aware that we are progressing even closer to the possible first airing of that horrible TV show being written and produced by Bitch. Goddammit, it's gonna be so bad. But I will predict this: it either NEVER gets picked up by a network (other than maybe USA, as if that counts), and it if does it will be panned and then off the air in weeks.

I just found out that Mitch wrote even more crappy songs for another television movie--this one was in 1995 for a movie called Falling for You starring the unwatchable Jennie Garth. However, it did have Billy Dee Williams in it, therefore it must have been excellent. If anyone has a copy of it, please send it to me. Man, I wonder what those songs are like.

So, following Game 7 last week, I had to go away on business to Kenya. They told me it is a hell of a country. If by "hell of a country" they meant "hot, poor shithole," then I adamantly agree. The trip was a bust--our deal with the Estate Kenya Coffee people TOTALLY fell through. Fucking idiots. I know it's not the politically correct thing to say, but I really hate Africa. It was a longass trek on camel back, all for nothing. Very few friendly people. The Gods Must Be Crazy is bullshit--don't watch it, don't believe it. I can't wait to leave this stupid place.

But, there was one interesting story from my time in Kenya. I saw this old guy absolutely pummel the shit out of this bigass leopard with his bare hands. It was fucking awesome. Everything else sucked.

Anyway, I'm back now so I'll take a look at what Mitch Assclown is up to.

The only thing I have to say before I do that and respond later, is that I think President Bush delivered an AMAZING speech last night. Well, I was actually playing this game where you drink everytime he says "September 11th" or "bin Laden" and you drink twice if he says it without logically connecting it to the war in Iraq, so needless to say I was drinking a LOT. Therefore, perhaps my judgment of the speech is skewed. All I know is that after a bottle of Petrone Silver, it seemed like a great speech--so full of troops-supporting, terrorist-hating good times.